San Diego Golf Course map - courses under $50*

*price refers to peak, non-resident rate

The map below shows San Diego golf courses priced under $50 (peak, non-resident rate). If you are a resident, senior or junior golfer then you may qualify for an even lower green fee. To see the name and price of each golf course click on the ballon to get a quick snapshot of the course details, as well as a link to more information about that golf course, including more complete pricing details. If you would like to see a map of different priced golf courses in San Diego use the "golf course map" link in the navigation bar above.

= 18 Hole Golf Courses = executive & par 3 courses

How to use the map

  • Click on a balloon to see a quick snapshop of the golf course details.
  • For more pricing and more information, follow the link on the pop-up window.
  • If you want to move the map around, just click and drag